Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Polish Bloggers Network > Lacquer Link Love | 3.26.10

Tuli shows us some super sweet and very pretty manicure ideas in honour of the Passover holiday.

Konadomania gives us some animal magic with a ggggggreat OPI Dim Sum Plum konadicure.

Check out Naive Nails modeling an all time classic China Glaze - such a QT!

Brooke traveled from Hong Kong to Japan for her latest manicure! Check out her Konad design with OPI Red My Fortune Cookie and KOH Black Stars.

Warning – if you click here, you will create a new lemming with this amazing mermaid shimmer shown by Perfect10 Beauty. She also brings news on a bargain matte topcoat.

Evil Angel does Cute! Check here to see her brilliant Cute As Hell Konad extravaganza!

The Swatchaholic keeps us craving softer shades with some amazing shots of Illamasqua's new pastel collection.

Cucumpear shows off some striking nail art with a cool mix of gloss on matte.

Head on over to Polish on Digital Paper to remember your childhood with the cutest Care Bear themed nail art.

Moncoinamoua gets her hands on the ones everyone’s been waiting for. Click here to see her amazing swatches of OPI’s new Shrek collection, and be prepared to fall accidentally in love with them.

You’re the one that I want! Helen shows off her Pink Lady credentials with a fab fuschia from Models Own.

Sasha shows off her BFF Best Boyfriend over at Manicure Mommas.

Swatches > OPI | Meet Me On The Star Ferry

Meet Me On The Star Ferry from the OPI Hong Kong Collection is a very mauvey-modest color.  Its a great shade to wear for an understated look.  If you have somewhere that is quite conservative to go to, this would be a very approriate color.  I applied two coats, but three would probably give the shade more depth.  I would say that the formula is good, especially for a shimmer.  For some reason I really thought I'd like this shade, but on me its very neutral and doesn't really do a lot for me.  Nonetheless, its definitely a fingernail color, not a toenail color for me.



Thursday, March 25, 2010

Swatches > Ulta Salon Formula | Alter Ego

This is a really awesome color.  Its a really cool shimmer finish metallic blue, not to bright, not too dark.  It applied wonferfully, in the sense that it wasn't streaky or thin.  Most of the time I'm not inclined to to even try out metallics, but I couldn't pass up this color!  Also, it was only $2, so that was even more reason for it to become a part of my nail polish collection.

The pictures are pretty accurate as far color, especially the first one.  I absolutely loved this shade and formula, for one bcause its super wearable and an all-around pretty color.  If you haven't tried out any of the Ulta Salon Formula polishes, this would be a really good time, because they're on sale for super cheap ($2).  I think Ulta will be running the sale for another week also.

Size: 0.4 fl oz./ 11.8 mL

Used Orly Glosser as top coat.

Oooh and in other words, just saw that Ulta has a new Matte top coat and its $2 too.  I know matte is more of a Fall/Winter look, but I think I'm gonna try it out.  I love the Matte look, so I'll be rocking it year, lol!  I think Alter ego would look really awesome matted out.  Hmm...note to self:  Next time nails are painted w/ Alter Ego use Ulta Matte Top Coat.  I'll deifnitely put up a swatch of it too.




Sunday, March 21, 2010

Swatches > China Glaze | Heli-Yum

Heli-Yum was one of the first colors that appealed to me when I first saw the Up & Away collection, so I was really excited to try it out.  It applied smoothly, as I've found with all of the formulas from this collection.  I can say that this particular color didn't wear very long on me.  I believe I experienced chips with a day to two of wearing it.  Actually if you look really close on my pointer finger you can see a small chip.  Now, to be fair I didn't take pics of my nails till about a day later so for me that means there had been a little wear and tear.

Heli-Yum is a pinky-red creme shade, which for me is a little boring since I typically go for more extreme/fun colors on my nails.  I would wear this color somewhere pretty conservative, b/c I don't consider it offensively bright.  I'm anxious to try it out on my toes, which I do think it will really make them pop.



Saturday, March 20, 2010

Product Review > Garnier Nutrioniste Skin Renew | The Brusher Gel Cleanser

So, to start off with I'll go ahead and say that I love this product.  I saw an ad for it in my April 2010 Cosmo or maybe it was Glamour and instantly knew I wanted to try it out.  I haven't used many Garnier products, actually I hadn't used any of their skin care/face cleansing products before I purchased The Brusher.  The only other Garnier products that I've own are the Eye Roller (which I use religiously) and the Fortifying Deep Conditioner (which I don't think work for my hair type, so I haven't repurchased since I used it up).  I, however, think that Garnier is an excellent brand with a wide variety of products to suit everyone's needs, whether it be anti-aging, ance pron skin, healthy hair, etc...

I purchased The Brusher from Wal-Mart about a week ago and have had to contain myself from using it every single day.  Since its technically an exfoliator I really try to not use it more than twice a week. You can definitely feel a difference in your skin before and after using it.  Your skin feels a little tight (but not the bad uncomfortable dry tight that some cleansers give you), but your skin feels so smooth after using it and looks very healthy.  The brush part itself is mainly what does all ther work.  Imagine 40 little tiny finger massaging your face.  It gets in places where your fingers can't quite offer enough attention to.  Your supposed to wet the brush a head of time, twist it counter clockwise, and squeeze the bottle so that the cleanser releases.  it releases right into the Bluser, so best to tilt it to about 45 degrees, this way it doesn't completely fall out of the Brusher as its being released.  You apply the Brusher to your face and massages away.  You do want to stay away from your eyes for obviously reasons, like you don't want to poke yourself in the eye or get too much of the cleanser in it.  I recommend closing your eyes as a precaution to both incidents.

The Brusher contains Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, and Green Leaf Extract.  It claims to deep clean and smooth skin after 1 use, and I agree 100% with this claim.  It even smells good, which makes it that much more appealing to use for me.  A lot of skin cleanser have really pugent smells to them and that can affect willingness to use.  The cleanser itself is a clear-ish light colored gel that suds when massaged in and rinses away very clean.

The Brusher is 5 fl oz/150 mL in size and you can purchase it from drugstores nationwide that sell Garnier products.  I purchased mines from Wal-Mart for $6 and it was well worth it.  I keep mines right in the shower with me and generally use it at night, as well as followed up but my usual moisturizer.  I find that this product really balances out my oily skin, and even when I've used it in the morning I found that my make application resulted in a much more smoother look and that overall my skin was more even.

Give it a go if your in the market for a new facial cleanser.  This one does all the work for you and is very affordable for all that it does.



Swatches > Orly | Luxe

I absolutely adore this color like no other!  its so wearable, but at the same time so dressy and classy.  I usually shy away from metallics, because they either look wonky on me or they go on streaky or the formulas are just bad.  I have absolutely no complaints about Luxe.  It went on smoothly with two coats, formulas was great for a metallics, not too thick or thin, and it wore for 3 days with pretty much no chipping.  I used the Orly Glosser as my top coat and was very impressive with its performance too.  I've used Orly Glosser in the past with other brands, but it never really made my polish pop like Seche Vite or ChG FstFwd did.

I'm so glad I picked Luxe up on a whim.  I'll definitely be wearing it once the holidays come back around, but honestly it can be worn anytime.  Its trendy yet subtle, a perfect balance.

Both pics taken inside w/ out flash.



Friday, March 19, 2010

Swatches > Claire's | Kelly Green

Okay so this polish is beyond awesome and I'm so surprised because its from Claire's!  The best thing about it:  It changes color in sunlight.  This was a total surprise to me, because it doesn't say it anywhere on the bottle...lol I'm hoping it actually supposed to do that and that I didn't end up w/ a wonky bottle (doubt it).  Inside its a super dark green, see last  pic in post, and in daylight its this bright grass green you see below.

I picked these polishes up a few weeks   am just now breaking this one out.  I have a lot of greens, but figured I'd try something understated for St. Paddy's day, little did I know it changed colors which was awesome!  It applied smoothly w/ great coverage with just two colors.  The top coast is Sally Hansen 10 speed top coat (which I think is discontinued).

In Sunlight/Outside

Outside in shade

Outside Semi-shade




Thursday, March 18, 2010

Color Club Haul | Pardon My French & Rebel Debuntante

So thanx  to Tiff (@PolishPrude) for annoucing via Twitter that Ross had some Color Club collections in stock.  This is the first Color Club polishes, let a lone sets that I've actually purchased and owned.  I was super duper excited to score both of these sets for $7.99, especioaly since Rebel Debuntante came out recently.  Man, I gotta start hitting up Ross more often so I can score some more deals.  I actually got the last and second to last of the sets, so if you have a Ross nearby and you like Color Club or interested in trying them, swing by soon b/c they are going fast!

Swatches to come!




The Rundown: Make Looks

Lead: Woodwinked
Crease: Antiqued blended w/ Intripid(HIP) in outer corner
Highlight: French Cuff
Inner corner: Antiqued
Cheeks: Crushed Bougainvillea
Lips: Wonbderstucks Lipglass

Base: UDPP Sin
Lid: Stila Matte Quad Crease Color
Highlight: Stila Beige
Cheeks: MAC Breezy
Contour: X Rocks
Lips: Star Nova Lustreglass

Base: UDPP
Lid: Stila sparkly black
Crease: Stila light pink and beige
Highlight: Mauvement pigment
Cheeks: Breezy
Lips: HIP Lip Duo Snazzy
Contour: X Rocks
Mascara: Zoomlash
Liner: Penultimate winged out
Eyebrows: Dark brown NYX pencil

Base: UDPP
Lead: Metal X Gold Spice
Highlight/Outer corner: Woodwinkeed
Cheeks: Breezy
Contour: X Rocks
Lips: L'oreal HIP duo in Spunky

Base: Painterly
Lid: Metal X Platinum Pink
Crease: Revved Up MAC Pigment
Inner Corner: NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Penny
Liner: HIP Creamliner
Lip: Fafi Collection

Base: UDPP Sin
Lid: Steamy
Crease: n/a
Outer corner: Go
Cheeks: Breazy
Contour: X Rocks
Liner: Turquoise Automatic Liner by Ulta
Lips: Amuse Chocolate Lip Gloss

Base: UDPP Sin
Lid: Platinum Pink
Crease: Star By Night
Inner Corner: HIP Gilded Duo light side
Outer Corner: HIP Gilded Duo dark side (outer V)
Cheeks: True Romantic
Lips: Prestige Lipstick in Raisin
Liner: Purple and black winged out
Lower lash liner: Turquoise Ulta Automatic liner

Base: UDPP
Lid: NYX Eye Pencil in Rust
Crease: Bold & Brazen
Highlight/Inner Corner: Antiqued
Cheeks: Breezy
Mascara: Sexy Curves

Base: UDPP Sin
Lid: Star Violet
Crease: Dark Blue from NYX Lake Moss Trio
Highlight: NYX Pearl e/s in Gold/Champagne
Inner corner: Darker golden NYX pearl shadow