Saturday, March 26, 2011

You look like somebody I know!

You ever had someone to tell you that you look like somebody they know?  I get this all the time and its really starting to freak me out/annoy me, because I'm wondering where are all these people walking around that look like me.  Almost everyday, especially at work (I work in Retail :-/), someone tells me I look like someone they know.  I should really just start asking them if they have a picture, tyo see if the person really looks like me or not, lol!  Anyway, I just thought to get that off my chest, since I'm literally told this every day!

Do I look like somebody you know?  Do you get people to tell you that you look like somebody they know?  Do you always see someone who looks like someone you know? I'd just like to know, lol. :-)




Sooo....this makes my umpteenth comeback from hiatus, sad huh?  I just get so busy with life and work, and being stressed that watching videos(instead of making them) is all I end up doing.  I do the same with blogging.  I follow nearly 200 blogs(per my Google Reader) and you'd think with all that blog reading that I'd be motivated to blog myself, right?  NOT!  Its mainly just an outlet for me, not so much a motivator.  What motivates me is having something to say, so If I feel like I have nothing to, or rather anything quality to say then I do say(or blog) anything.  Now, I feel like I finally have something to blog about, because so much has transpired in my life since I first went on hiatus last summer, and I need to update everyone. Of course this all won't be in on post, but I will start chonicling my life's adventure's much more from now!

Stay tuned...please!



Thursday, March 10, 2011

Review > Bath & Body Works | Carried Away

This is Bath & Body Works newest fragrance and I really, really like it. It is a fresh and fruity smell, with notes of raspberries, whipped vanilla, and white jasmine. It definitely has more sweet than floral notes, so if your looking for something that is not too floral, a bit sweet/fruity then this is your fragrance. When I first smelled this fragrance I was not a fan of it at all. It reminded me of BBW's other raspberry fragrance Black Raspberry Vanilla, which to me smells a bit musty to be honest. Back in the day, like high school/college days I loved Black Raspberry Vanilla, but then all of a sudden it started to smell really musty to me. I think I had the body butter or something in the fragrance line that took me forever to use and I got tired of it.  Needless to say, I wasn't excited about Carried Away for this very reason.  Since it debuted, it has really grown on me and I actually like it now.  Using the Shower Gel and Body Cream is what really sparked my liking of this fragrance.  I've yet to actually layer the fragrance in my usual way that I do, in that I use a cleanser, moisturizer, and fragrance mist/EDT, because the verdict is still out on me actually being that concentrated with the fragance.

Carried Away also has a lip gloss, which I did try out, but did not like at all.  It had a pretty nice consistiency, a little on the sticky side, but overall smooth and with lasting power.  However, the scent turned me off, because it literally made my lips smell like armpit.  All I smelled was the musty raspberries and I just couldn't deal with that.

Carried Away comes in the the standard BBW Signature Collection Ritual; body lotion, shower gel, and fragrance mist.  It also comes in a shimmer lotion, EDT, shower cream, and body cream.  I prefer the body cream over the body lotion, because it is more moisturizing and has a sticking power.  I also prefer the shower gel, over the shower cream, because the shower cream literally lasts me only like two weeks, versus the shower gel can last me a month or so.  The EDT, in my opinion smells much betters, but then again its supposed to...that's the whole point of paying the extra money for it and the fact that it is an actual perfume.

So here's the breakdown:

Price - 3.5/5

Availability -           4/5

Scent/Smell -      3.5/5

Packaging -        4.5/5

Overall -           4/5




The Rundown: Make Looks

Lead: Woodwinked
Crease: Antiqued blended w/ Intripid(HIP) in outer corner
Highlight: French Cuff
Inner corner: Antiqued
Cheeks: Crushed Bougainvillea
Lips: Wonbderstucks Lipglass

Base: UDPP Sin
Lid: Stila Matte Quad Crease Color
Highlight: Stila Beige
Cheeks: MAC Breezy
Contour: X Rocks
Lips: Star Nova Lustreglass

Base: UDPP
Lid: Stila sparkly black
Crease: Stila light pink and beige
Highlight: Mauvement pigment
Cheeks: Breezy
Lips: HIP Lip Duo Snazzy
Contour: X Rocks
Mascara: Zoomlash
Liner: Penultimate winged out
Eyebrows: Dark brown NYX pencil

Base: UDPP
Lead: Metal X Gold Spice
Highlight/Outer corner: Woodwinkeed
Cheeks: Breezy
Contour: X Rocks
Lips: L'oreal HIP duo in Spunky

Base: Painterly
Lid: Metal X Platinum Pink
Crease: Revved Up MAC Pigment
Inner Corner: NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Penny
Liner: HIP Creamliner
Lip: Fafi Collection

Base: UDPP Sin
Lid: Steamy
Crease: n/a
Outer corner: Go
Cheeks: Breazy
Contour: X Rocks
Liner: Turquoise Automatic Liner by Ulta
Lips: Amuse Chocolate Lip Gloss

Base: UDPP Sin
Lid: Platinum Pink
Crease: Star By Night
Inner Corner: HIP Gilded Duo light side
Outer Corner: HIP Gilded Duo dark side (outer V)
Cheeks: True Romantic
Lips: Prestige Lipstick in Raisin
Liner: Purple and black winged out
Lower lash liner: Turquoise Ulta Automatic liner

Base: UDPP
Lid: NYX Eye Pencil in Rust
Crease: Bold & Brazen
Highlight/Inner Corner: Antiqued
Cheeks: Breezy
Mascara: Sexy Curves

Base: UDPP Sin
Lid: Star Violet
Crease: Dark Blue from NYX Lake Moss Trio
Highlight: NYX Pearl e/s in Gold/Champagne
Inner corner: Darker golden NYX pearl shadow