Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Swatches > Sally Hansen HD | Spectrum

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Need I say more...really?!?  Such a pretty pretty color, although its coming across a lot more green than it is in actuality.  My Mom absolutely loves this color, she had to compliment me on it at least 20 times in the past 24 hours that I've been wearing it, LOL!  I know she's definitely going to want to wear this color on her toes, even though she usually sticks with the wines, reds, fuschias, and pinks on her toes (she doesn't do color on her fingernails).

This is one color you out on and will really want to wear for days.  I can literally change my polish everyday, because I get bored super fast with shades.  I will especially do this is I buy a lot of polish and am on a swatching frenzy.  So, just a heads up, don't be mad if you don't see any swatches for the next few days, because I will be wearing Spectrum during that time.  I got it BOGO @ Walgreen's last week, not sure if its still on sale this week, but if it is definitely pick up a bottle of this awesome color.

Now for everybody's fave, pics....



Monday, July 26, 2010

Swatches > Sally Hansen HD | DVD

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I absolutely adore the colors I got from this collection. It was my first time actually purchasing any shades from the Sally Hansen HD collections, and now I think I'm in love, LOL! DVD is a holographic violet, so as with all holos it reflects whatever like bounces off of the prisms with in the sparkles in the polish. I will say that you have to put your time in with the application of holos, it took 3 coats to achieve the look you see in the pics. Unfortunately, most of my nail polishes, including my tops coats like the beloved Seche Vite are in storage, so I had to use some generic Sally Hansen clear which didn't really give me the drying result I wanted. I have about 5 bottles of top coat in storage, the storage facility is about 4 hours away, so it will be a while before I go and I will make due with what I have or just break down and purchase some ChG FstFwd or a bottle of Seche Vite.

Anyhow, I highly recommend DVD and other polishes in the collection (which I will be swatching, so keep on the look out!).

Now for some pics!:



I'M BACCCKKKKK and I have goodies (well kinda, LOL)!

Just a quick note about being back!  I was on hiatus for a month if you already didn't know, but I'll be back up and going with swatches this week so stay tuned!

So happy to be back!

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The Rundown: Make Looks

Lead: Woodwinked
Crease: Antiqued blended w/ Intripid(HIP) in outer corner
Highlight: French Cuff
Inner corner: Antiqued
Cheeks: Crushed Bougainvillea
Lips: Wonbderstucks Lipglass

Base: UDPP Sin
Lid: Stila Matte Quad Crease Color
Highlight: Stila Beige
Cheeks: MAC Breezy
Contour: X Rocks
Lips: Star Nova Lustreglass

Base: UDPP
Lid: Stila sparkly black
Crease: Stila light pink and beige
Highlight: Mauvement pigment
Cheeks: Breezy
Lips: HIP Lip Duo Snazzy
Contour: X Rocks
Mascara: Zoomlash
Liner: Penultimate winged out
Eyebrows: Dark brown NYX pencil

Base: UDPP
Lead: Metal X Gold Spice
Highlight/Outer corner: Woodwinkeed
Cheeks: Breezy
Contour: X Rocks
Lips: L'oreal HIP duo in Spunky

Base: Painterly
Lid: Metal X Platinum Pink
Crease: Revved Up MAC Pigment
Inner Corner: NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Penny
Liner: HIP Creamliner
Lip: Fafi Collection

Base: UDPP Sin
Lid: Steamy
Crease: n/a
Outer corner: Go
Cheeks: Breazy
Contour: X Rocks
Liner: Turquoise Automatic Liner by Ulta
Lips: Amuse Chocolate Lip Gloss

Base: UDPP Sin
Lid: Platinum Pink
Crease: Star By Night
Inner Corner: HIP Gilded Duo light side
Outer Corner: HIP Gilded Duo dark side (outer V)
Cheeks: True Romantic
Lips: Prestige Lipstick in Raisin
Liner: Purple and black winged out
Lower lash liner: Turquoise Ulta Automatic liner

Base: UDPP
Lid: NYX Eye Pencil in Rust
Crease: Bold & Brazen
Highlight/Inner Corner: Antiqued
Cheeks: Breezy
Mascara: Sexy Curves

Base: UDPP Sin
Lid: Star Violet
Crease: Dark Blue from NYX Lake Moss Trio
Highlight: NYX Pearl e/s in Gold/Champagne
Inner corner: Darker golden NYX pearl shadow