Thursday, October 15, 2009

My life as a Marine far

So I've pretty much been a Marine g/f for 5 months and it has definitely been interesting. My b/f is in Va and I'm still in Ga. I stayed here, b/c #1 I couldn't go w/ him since weren't not married and #2 I have a full-time job here. It does suck that I'm not there w/ him, but you gotta do what you gotta go, ya know? Before he was commissioned he went to OCS for 3 months and those were probably the hardest months of this whole experience. He couldn't use the phone for like the first 3 weeks, and on top of that his service of his phone had been interrupted nearly the entire time he was there. Finally we got all that straightened out w/ his phone and the last 2-3 weeks we could talk pretty liberally on the weekends. Long story short, he did commission and was home for 3 weeks. It was bittersweet, b/c they went by sooo fast and before we knew it we were headed back up to Va. Now, he's back up there for the next 6 or so months and to be honest it has taken a toll on me in almost everyway. I miss him so much, yet in the grand scheme of things I know this period won't last forever. I try to remind myself of this everyday and stay strong. There is so much I'm not familar w/ about military life. This will definitely be an interesting experience!

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The Rundown: Make Looks

Lead: Woodwinked
Crease: Antiqued blended w/ Intripid(HIP) in outer corner
Highlight: French Cuff
Inner corner: Antiqued
Cheeks: Crushed Bougainvillea
Lips: Wonbderstucks Lipglass

Base: UDPP Sin
Lid: Stila Matte Quad Crease Color
Highlight: Stila Beige
Cheeks: MAC Breezy
Contour: X Rocks
Lips: Star Nova Lustreglass

Base: UDPP
Lid: Stila sparkly black
Crease: Stila light pink and beige
Highlight: Mauvement pigment
Cheeks: Breezy
Lips: HIP Lip Duo Snazzy
Contour: X Rocks
Mascara: Zoomlash
Liner: Penultimate winged out
Eyebrows: Dark brown NYX pencil

Base: UDPP
Lead: Metal X Gold Spice
Highlight/Outer corner: Woodwinkeed
Cheeks: Breezy
Contour: X Rocks
Lips: L'oreal HIP duo in Spunky

Base: Painterly
Lid: Metal X Platinum Pink
Crease: Revved Up MAC Pigment
Inner Corner: NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Penny
Liner: HIP Creamliner
Lip: Fafi Collection

Base: UDPP Sin
Lid: Steamy
Crease: n/a
Outer corner: Go
Cheeks: Breazy
Contour: X Rocks
Liner: Turquoise Automatic Liner by Ulta
Lips: Amuse Chocolate Lip Gloss

Base: UDPP Sin
Lid: Platinum Pink
Crease: Star By Night
Inner Corner: HIP Gilded Duo light side
Outer Corner: HIP Gilded Duo dark side (outer V)
Cheeks: True Romantic
Lips: Prestige Lipstick in Raisin
Liner: Purple and black winged out
Lower lash liner: Turquoise Ulta Automatic liner

Base: UDPP
Lid: NYX Eye Pencil in Rust
Crease: Bold & Brazen
Highlight/Inner Corner: Antiqued
Cheeks: Breezy
Mascara: Sexy Curves

Base: UDPP Sin
Lid: Star Violet
Crease: Dark Blue from NYX Lake Moss Trio
Highlight: NYX Pearl e/s in Gold/Champagne
Inner corner: Darker golden NYX pearl shadow